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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing technologies by providing access and support in their application.

Additive Manufacturing technologies make production processes not only more efficient, but also affordable. That means, they are easier to access, regardless of whether we speak about factories, small businesses or end consumers.  We would like to help our partners 3Deeing production processes, especially by implementing 3D printing technologies.

Why we believe in AM? Because it is...


AM processes mean not only a rapid prototyping procedure and the upgrading of existing production lines, but also a quick and flexible method to create individual products or even start mass production.


Additive production facilities are not only cost effective, moreover, they are much more affordable not only for big companies but also for private households and end consumers.


Flexibility allows us to create new products and invent new solutions that could not exist in the world of conventional technologies, either technically or economically.


The application of AM technologies enable us to produce individual, even customized products economically.


Costs and the workload input of in-house produced prototypes, tools or end products can be a fraction of conventional manufacturing expenditures. What is more, AM allows us to shorten supply chains rapidly!


Reducing the input of needed workload, shipping efforts, electricity, fuel and other industrial factors helps us not only to reduce externalities but also saving natural ressources.

and Sustainable:

A highly decentralized, cost- and ressource-efficient manufacturing process supports not only the economical and ecological, but also the social pillar of sustainability.



Our Vision is a World...

with fast, efficient and eco-friendly production processes, providing us a range of new and more sustainable products.

Conventional 19th and 20th manufacturing methods are widespread in our world. Not only 3rd world countries, moreover many modern, developed states have an industry, that is based on out-of-date methods of production, suffering from inefficient, ressource wasting and highly complicated supply chains. Our Vision is a world with manufacturers, producing a new generation of products that are not only technically better, but both affordable and sustainable. This world can solely exist, if future manufacturers, regardless of whether factories or even end consumers have access to the proper technology. Additive Manufacturing technologies allows us to produce completely new products and invent solutions, which were technically or economically impossible in the past, using less natural resources than conventional production methods.

3Deeing means a lot! 

We aspire to provide you with the best products and services, whether you want to upgrade your existing production line or even start production at home! We are adapting our product range regurarly and inventing new product & services continuously. Our goal is not only to support you to have the most advanced and up-to-date manufacturing process, but also to find new applications, in other words, to implement the new generation of production!


Márton Klauser & Gregor Klauser
The founders